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I met Adam Koch years ago at a networking group. Being an insurance agent myself, I was super impressed with his industry knowledge and professionalism. He truly is the commercial insurance 'GURU' - and the best part is he teaches his team to be Gurus too. The Koch team is an excellent asset to the insurance industry. They are ethical, honest, knowledgeable, professional, and they care for their customers. I have referred many of my business owners to Adam and his team, and they've never disappointed. I highly recommend The Koch Insurance Group for your commercial insurance needs.
Charlotte R.

I had insurance with someone I never even met face to face.

It wasn’t until I met Adam, that I realized I made a huge mistake. Not only was I not covered for the things I needed, but I was overpaying.

Adam gave me the coverage I wanted and needed to protect me and my business.

I will always use Koch Insurance.
Jared N.

This company has great people and they are always so helpful!
Heather L.

I have gotten to know Adam Koch of Koch Insurance well over the last year. He is always looking to make sure that his clients are being taken care of, as an example he understands the importance of getting the right coverage for the business owners he helps insure. I highly recommend him to any business owner who wants the "peace of mind" that comes with getting the right insurance!
Andy K.

If you are looking for a commercial insurance company that you can trust to take care of all of your commercial insurance needs, you have found that company and Koch Insurance Group! Chris Millard is very knowledgeable and will share all of the appropriate areas Necessary for your specific business dealings.
Sheryl K.

friends. Koch Insurance employees are really nice and kind. I had an issue with some of my payments. One of my credit cards expired and I had them on a recurring payment plan. I think it was after two missed payments that I called them and they were really nice and understanding. They didn't charge me any late fees or anything.
Don'L W.

Koch Insurance communicates really well. I'm very bad about making my payments, and they always send me nice courtesy emails to make sure I do not forget. I met the agent who set me up with Koch about three years ago and it's been a good personal relationship. The type of coverage I have is general liability. No policy is too weird, strange, small or outrageous to consider. They check into it for you and give you a really detailed analysis of what they can do.
Moonlighting Outdoor Lighting Services

I moved my business to town and I needed insurance. My Koch Insurance agent went above and beyond to make sure that everything that I needed covered was covered. The process was super easy and I feel like the value that I received is really great. I know it's a smaller company, but I feel like I have access to the team when I need them. They have good customer service.
Jamie S.

I found out about Koch Insurance through a friend and the agent I work with is really good to work with. Their employees are very responsive, really quick and very pleasant. I really enjoy working with those guys. They have good customer service
Doris S.

Talk about a family of people with ethics and heart! These people, not only do they know their business but they care about yours as well!! I’m very happy to continue to do business with Koch insurance and have even changed providers so that I can stay with them!

Koch Insurance has been great for me. They have personalized service that is timely in their response, and that is a big part of why I do business with them. When I have a need, they take care of it as quickly as possible, and I could not have asked for anything more. The people are friendly when I call and talk with them. If I have any questions, they respond and are professional in the way they deal with me. They make me feel like I am a valued customer. I found out about them through one of their brokers, and when they changed companies, I stayed with Koch! The thing that keeps me going to them is just that they take care of me.
Lydia M.

Adam and his team are very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to commercial insurance. He was also able to help me understand all the coverage I was needed. As a business owner you don’t always know what you do and don’t need. Adam made it very easy to understand. I would highly recommend the Koch Insurance Group
Dr Zach B.

We've dealt with Koch Insurance before for another business that we own. So, we are repeat customers for them. We came back to them because they are prompt and courteous. I feel like they have our best interest in mind when they are giving us quotes. I found out about them originally through a Google search in our local area. We wanted to stay with someone who was local. The type of coverage that we get is business insurance, workman’s comp. and liability errors and omissions. When I call, they are willing to talk to me about any questions I might have, no question is too simple for them to answer. They are going to take their time to walk you through everything.
Heather L.