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Professional Liability Insurance in Spring, TX

When you dreamed of owning your own business, it is likely that insurance did not enter the equation. However, because so many of today's laws and regulations are stacked against the business owner, most wouldn't ever be caught without professional liability insurance. In Spring, TX, Koch Insurance Group has the options that will keep your company from spending an enormous amount on lawsuits. Our agency understands and appreciates the dedication you show in your business every day. We strive to match this passion by offering insurance plans that meet the specific needs of your organization.

Investing in professional liability insurance keeps you, the business owner, from facing repercussion in the event of a lawsuit over financial losses caused by your product or service. Once any third party takes legal action against your business, their aim is for you to pay for their damages through financial compensation. By securing coverage, you won't have to worry about having to pay out of your own pocket.

Professional Liability Insurance in Spring TX

General, Personal, and Management Liability Insurance

A similar sounding insurance product is "general liability." The main difference between the two is personal liability covers cases involving alleged financial loss as a result of your personal services. General liability provides financial protection against cases of physical harm, like a slip and fall.

You know how active your place of business can get. So if someone gets hurt on your premises, your organization may be looking at a lawsuit. Whether it is a visitor or an employee, an accident that causes bodily injury in your workplace can incur financial loss. With liability coverage, you can reduce potential financial loss.

 Likewise, having general liability can also guard your property against physical damage. This can help offset the costs incurred from lawsuits, as well as go towards repairing or replacing what was lost. By making your coverage as robust as possible, you can minimize a variety of risks—both predictable and unpredictable. Request a consultation with a broker and see what kind of coverage is most appropriate for your business.

 Protecting your leadership can protect some of your most important contributors as well as shield your organization from high-level risks. When you need a means to cover your losses related to an executive member, consider management liability coverage. Our broker can help you find policies that cover a wide range of scenarios, such as criminal activity, theft, and breach of employment practices.

Your Source for Errors & Omissions Coverage 

As a business, you know that you have specific responsibilities to your clientele. However, a simple fact of the matter is that your customers can file lawsuits against your organization. Whether their claims are true or false, lawsuits are costly, time-consuming, and can leave your organization open to financial loss, damage to reputation, and even bankruptcy. When you are facing a lawsuit, does your business have the right protection?

“Errors and Omissions” coverage can guard your organization against crippling financial loss and bankruptcy. These policies are designed to protect your organization from fees, damages, and losses associated with negligence on the part of your organization. Clients can sue based on claims that your organization failed to provide a service or an error on your side caused losses for them.

These kinds of lawsuits can be extraordinarily costly, and whether or not the court rules in your favor, the court fees can also prove a burden on your finances. Worse, if more than one client files a similar lawsuit, your out-of-pocket expenses may be too prohibitive to bear.

An “E and O” policy protects you by paying for court fees and reimbursing clients for damage. Instead of your company paying directly out of pocket, your insurance package will cover it. These policies allow you to continue your operations, allowing you to focus on the big picture instead of being trapped in a mire of lawsuits and damage claims.

Our insurance broker can help you find an E and O policy that meets your needs. Through our in-depth consultation, we can help you identify the kind of policy and coverage you require. As a result, you can protect your organization from lawsuits and damages that may have otherwise hindered your growth and viability.

A Professional Liability Insurance Broker Who Makes Your Options Clear

With insurance being inherently confusing, it's important to have someone who is able to cut through the industry jargon and just tell you the facts. When you choose our agency as your professional liability insurance broker, our goal is to help you fully understand exactly what you're buying, why you're buying it, and exactly which policy is right for you. Equipped with this information, you'll be able to make the most informed decision.

Contact us today to discover how to protect your financial future with our professional liability insurance. We're available throughout all of Texas including Spring, North Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, and Tomball, TX.

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