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Commercial General Liability Insurance in Spring, TX

It may not be pleasant, but try to imagine scenarios where things can go wrong with your business. Perhaps a slip and fall accident from one of your customers could occur on your premises. What if an employee caused damage to a customer's property? With the amount of red tape and confusion that the legal system can bring, take solace knowing you have a general liability insurance policy to protect you from financial ruin. It's not a matter of if you'll need coverage, but when.

Take every precaution to safeguard your business—your livelihood is at stake. Leave absolutely nothing to chance when you turn to Koch Insurance Group to explore our range of commercial general liability insurance in Spring, TX.

General Liability Insurance—More Necessary Than Ever

Today, we live in a society where lawsuits run rampant on businesses. Once an incident occurs, not having the proper mechanisms in place can cause imminent financial hardship. Unfortunately, very few companies survive after an accident for which they've been deemed responsible by a court of law.

At our company, we understand that many business owners are concerned about the cost of insurance. Many see it as a budgetary restriction and believe they can simply reallocate those funds into other avenues of interest. Understand that in today's employment landscape, this is a disastrous and old school approach.

These days, accidents seem to occur frequently regardless of industry. The outcome is more and more legal action taken upon businesses both large and small.

Commercial General Liability Insurance in Spring TX

Commercial General Liability Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance

Two terms are commonly mixed up with this type of insurance: general liability and professional liability. While they do sound similar, there are vast differences between them that you should know. To keep this page as brief as possible, we're only going to focus on general liability. In short, professional liability protects you from unhappy clients who are looking to recoup financial losses as a result of your services. On the other hand, general liability focuses on physical damages.

The keyword to take away from commercial general liability insurance is "general." By painting a broad stroke, general liability should be the forefront policy to protect a wide range of business. This type of insurance covers your business from being sued by a third party (meaning anyone who doesn't work for you). Common issues include:

  • Bodily Injuries That Occurred on Your Property
  • Damage Your Company Caused on a Customer's Property
  • Libel, Misappropriation, or Copyright Infringement

Liability Insurance Safeguards Your Livelihood

Regardless of whether commercial general or professional liability insurance is ideal for your business, you will still benefit greatly from securing the coverage. This is because you will not have to worry about completely draining your bank account or selling your equipment in order to pay damages. Make the smartest move to protect your livelihood and reach one of our specialists today to explore your options.

Contact us today to discover why general liability should be the backbone of your protection plan. We're catering to businesses in all of Texas including Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, North Houston, and Tomball, TX.

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